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Dr. Granger Westburg was a Lutheran physician, practicing in Chicago, Illinois. He became concerned as he saw more and more of his patients leaving the hospital and returning to their homes, with no one to follow through.  So he began to experiment with pastor, physician, and nurse teams in various congregations.  The concept proved itself rapidly, reducing hospital stays among the elderly, and thereby of course reducing costs. 

Our Redeemer's Parish Health Ministry Program began in Spring 2000

Our Parish Health Ministry (PHM) works with our pastor and elders assisting with hospital visits, home follow up visits, and assisting in finding specialized physicians. If you need assistance with a medical concern and are not sure how to proceed, your Christian PHM family will help you find answers and help put your mind at ease.


We carry a large selection of home medical equipment (ie; wheelchairs, walkers, crutches) which can be borrowed, so please check with us before you buy!   A list of these items is kept in the church office.  

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